The maintenance of a marble carpet can best be compared with that of a wall-to-wall carpet, i.e. at least 1 vacuum cleaning a week (possibly several times depending on the filthiness). It is not necessary to clean with water and soap every time, as the dirt can be easily removed using a good vacuum cleaner. However, it is possible to freshen up the stone carpet using a moist mop.


For partial filthiness, caused by the spilling of liquids and/or pasty products, it is best to immediately clean with warm water and a brush/sponge. Immediately after the treatment, suck up the dirty water using a water sucking device and rinse again, in certain spots, with pure water and suck up again.


If, after some time, the floor needs thorough cleaning after all, one can clean the floor using a carpet cleaner. These devices are capable of recovering 90% of the impregnated water, allowing the floor to be dry again in no time. However, we do not recommend cleaning the floor using an ordinary water sucking device as this sucks up only 40-60% of the water back from the floor. This means that the rest is to evaporate and that it can be quite a while, depending on the temperature, before the floor can be used again.


A closed marble carpet is best cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Occasionally clean the stone carpet with water and ‘soap without soap’, with a neutral pH value, or sometimes use slightly acid pH 5-6 to dissolve any remaining lime residue of the mains water.

It is important to suck up or mop up as much water as possible every time you have cleaned the floor with water!

Solvents will surely affect the sealing material, causing it to become sticky.