Recommended System Structure for Sidec Mortar floor

To ensure maximum life of the floor, its installation must be properly executed. But using the right products and quantities also contributes to optimum quality. That is why Sidec, as the manufacturer, proposes the following standard system structure.

You can use this recommendation as a basis to request quotes.

Of course, the installer may propose additional operations, such as preparing the substrate, installing sections, expansion joints, skirting boards etc.


To ensure good adhesion of the stone carpet on the substrate, it is essential to use a primer at all times. The selection of the primer depends on the type of substrate on which the stone carpet is laid.

Sidec has a specially developed primer for most substrates (blinding, cement, wood etc.) Fine granules are scattered across the primer to achieve better adhesion of the next layer.


To prevent small stones from coming loose after some time, it is very important to use enough binding agent to keep the stones together.

With a standard layer thickness of 6mm:

grains of sand (0,4mm - 2mm): consumption: 12kg per m²

binding agent: consumption: 10% on the grains of sand (0,833gr per 1m²)



The sealing material is always used to close the pores between the small stones, thus creating a ‘closed’ floor.


first layer: 0,35gr/m²

second layer: 0,2gr/m²



Optional layer (mat or satin) for extra protection: consumption: 100gr to 150 gr/m²