City of Hasselt: 'Hardly any maintenance and easy to install'

The City of Hasselt installed the Terradec Strong system around trees on the corner of the Dokter Willem Street and the Lombaard Street. Nico Vanuytrecht, technical case manager at the Department of Parks and Greens of the City of Hasselt, is very enthusiastic. “We mainly use Terradec Strong around trees in the city”, says Nico Vanuytrecht of the City of Hasselt.


“The metal grids we now have allow for too many weeds to grow", says Nico Vanuytrecht from experience. “Following the ban on the use of pesticides in our municipality, clearing weeds requires a lot of maintenance, time and therefore money."

"Terradec Strong offers a suitable solution because it does not allow for weeds to grow. It does not require a lot of maintenance. We plan maintenance, where the top layer will be hosed down under high pressure. The system is also porous, allowing this operation to be completed easily and quickly." The City of Hasselt is having its crew of the Department of Parks and Greens install this system. “Installation is actually quite simple. Also, the response from citizens who see the system in our city is very positive."