Sidec launches eco construction project

Sidec NV has started building an additional manufacturing site. This investment will see a doubling of the production floor space to 12,000 m².

Environment-friendly and eco-friendly, those are the key elements in this new manufacturing site, which will mainly house the production of floor coatings. The site will be heated through underfloor heating, supplied by a heat pump. Two thousand solar panels will be fitted on the roof. Together with the 700 current panels on Sidec’s current roof, this brings the total to 2,700 panels. This will help save 440 tonnes of CO² each year.

“Even though we had already made a significant expansion in 2008, our production capacity had reached its ceiling because of lack of space, among other factors”, explains CEO Yves Jonckers. “The production of epoxy, acrylate and polyurethane will now be moved across the street.“