Closed quartz carpet

A closed quartz carpet consists of millions of grains of sand. Their standard size is 1 to 2mm, 2 to 3mm or 3 to 4mm.

The small grains are selected by Sidec with the utmost care. The grains are washed and fire-dried. Due to the erosion in riverbeds the sand was processed for millions of years, resulting in it being beautifully rounded off and thus not broken.

The colouring is done at a high temperature and with specially developed coatings, producing very high quality which is more wear-resistant and more colourfast.

The grains are mixed with a binding agent. Afterwards, a professional installer spreads the small stones using a trowel.


Afterwards a pore filler  is spread across the floor which sits above and between the grains of gravel. The floor is now 'closed'.


An option is a topcoat (mat or satin) which gives extra protection to the floor.

The colour palette of an closed quartz carpet is endless. The result is a strong, seamless floor.